• Lycra cloth, Soft Gel & Anti-slip PU backing material
  • Smooth and precise mouse tracking
  • Non-Reflective surface perfect for laser mouse
  • Soft gel provides excellent wrist support
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Large round mousing area with gel pillow
  • Stylish & Attractive design that allows function over form
  • Memory Gel Pillow keeps your wrist in natural position


FRISBY FMP-050M Gel mouse pad provides your wrist to stay in natural position while you are using your mouse. And also it has excellent non-reflective surface that helps to obtain precise and smooth tracking.

The gel pillow creates a comfort zone that contours to your wrist’s natural curves and movement , and it helps to reduce hand and wrist stress that can lead to repetitive motion disorders.

It has very attractive design that allows more function over form.



Frisby FMP-050M Mousepad in Original Retail Packing