• 12 Fire Digital Buttons , 2 Analog sticks
  • 8 Way Direction Buttons
  • Compatible with PC and PS3
  • Dual Vibration motors for maximum feedback
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle and carry
  • Soft-touch, easy grab buttons
  • Supports Direct X demand
  • USB 2.0 high speed
The Frisby game controller for PS3, PC, Computer, Laptops makes your games more realistic that you will feel every crash, hit, explosion, and more with its Dual Vibration Feedback motors. Feels great in your hands and gives you all the controls you need to dominate the competition.
Soft-touch bottom and specially designed textured rubber grips allows you to get a solid grip. It’s the ultimate precision instrument, whether you’re going for the tackle, the kill, the gold, or the finish line. The comfortable grip keeps you at the top of your game for hours of play.
Double Analog control :¬†Feel the performance edge with double analog sticks and smooth, precise control with digital buttons and smooth 360-degree action. Dual joystick precision helps hit every target, every time…
Plug and Play :¬†Compatible with PS3 system and PC, Laptop PC games operating with Windows OS. Simply plug and play, no driver required…Some AAA games require licensing to play with third party controllers, this may limit your usage with these games.
  • Game Controller
  • USB Cable
  • CD Disk


  • Windows 7
  • USB Port