• COMPLETE SYSTEM: All-in-one ready to use home theater system right out of the box. All you need to do is connect the appropriate cables and power it up!
  • BLUETOOTH FEATURE: Bluetooth connectivity for a more versatile experience, you can connect with most Bluetooth devices to stream wireless.
  • POWERFUL SOUND: This 5.1 surround sound system with 15 watts per channel and 40 watts for the subwoofer/receiver delivering a total of 115 watts!
  • SLEEK DESIGN: A sleek shiny black finish with the hidden lcd screen will look exceptionally well anywhere you use the system.
  • MEDIA INPUTS: There are additional ports to access your media using the USB thumb drive and an SD card slot.


Jump right into action and feel fully immersed with the new FS-7000BT Surround Sound System by Frisby. This system makes it easy for you to turn your room into a home theater. You’ll be able to hear the details you have been missing from your games and movies. From tire squeals, footsteps and explosions that will rumble your walls. Clean mids and highs produce excellent clarity that pairs perfectly with the deep bass.

This system gives you the flexibility to set up your system the way you want. You can connect via digital optical output (cable included) or via analog rca. Designed your for to either place the satellite speakers on a shelf or use the wall mounts and place them where you want. This give you complete customization of how you want to set up your home theater system.

You can enjoy content from a Bluetooth-enable smartphone, tablet or laptop. It also includes built-in media ports on top for playing media via USB, SD or with an Auxiliary to RCA cable (Not Included). Also included is an antenna for you to pick up local radio stations. Control the sound with the included remote control and enable 5.1 or 2.1 stereo sound with the push of a button. Control volume, power, mute and set inputs on the console or from the couch using the remote.

This system has everything you need to transform the living room or family room into a home theater. The subwoofer provides plenty of high quality bass at 40 watts of power, with each speaker at 15 watts. This All-in-One system is ready to go just plug it in and you are ready to rock! All speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded to provide the protection against image distortion from external electronic sources.

Please note that all speakers of the set are connected wired to your subwoofer. Speakers are not wireless.

System requirements

  • Computers
  • Music players
  • TVs
  • Blu-ray and DVD players
  • Game consoles
  • Other audio sources with digital optical, digital coaxial, RCA audio or 3.5 mm output

What’s in the box

  • Five satellite speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Remote Control
  • Digital Optical Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • Antenna
  • User Manual


  • Subwoofer Dimensions: H 14.75 x W 8.5 x L 13.5
  • Satellite Dimensions: H 6.8 x W 4.2 x L 3.8
  • Power: 115 Watts
  • Weight: 23 LBS
  • Model No: FS-7000BT