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With the iCalendar Importer/Exporter extension you can now import your reservations from popular external services including Airbnb, HomeAway and Google Calendar to your WP Hotelier powered hotel website. This will allow you to automatically keep a room occupancy up to date with an external calendar that supports the .ics format (iCalendar or iCal).

This extension works in two ways: you can import an .ics file from an external service and at the same time export the reservations made at your website. The iCalendar Importer/Exporter plugin will generate automatically an iCal file for each room.

In addition, you can make a complete full sync by canceling reservations that are no longer in the calendars to be imported.

Please note: only future reservations are imported.

This extension includes a convenient way to control which reservations you want to export. You can export only completed reservations (default) or include past reservations. Reservations imported through the iCalendar Importer/Exporter plugin can be excluded from the export.

In addition, thanks to the use of modifiers, you can export or import a reservation by adding/subtracting “xx” days to the dates of the reservation. An essential feature for small hotel managers who need to keep a room occupied to clean the unit(s). Or simply an effective remedy for those external services that add an extra day to the check-out date when they export their calendar (e.g. Google Calendar).

A cron job runs every 15 minutes to import new reservations or every time you click on the “Synchronize now” button available in the room settings. An essential feature that will help you to prevent double bookings.

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